The idea behind the app "Rulle" was to develop a product that could make everyday life easier for those who use a wheelchair, by making information about adapted public places more available.


During my research I talked to the Norwegian Handicap Association, who informed me about the lack of a platform for young wheelchair users to share information about their experiences.

They wanted a platform outside the strict system with rules about how you can rate companies, where the users would be free to speak their mind and create a helpful community.

After the conversation with the Norwegian Handicap Association, I sent out a survey aimed at young wheelchair users. Here I asked questions about:

  • Experiences around cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and clothing stores.
  • Where they find information about companies' universal design (UU).
  • How accessible the information about UU is.

Result from survey

  • Insufficient information about UU through existing platforms.
  • Young wheelchair users frequently experience deficiencies in companies univarsal design.
  • The threshold is somewhere between high and medium, when it comes to reporting deficiencies.
  • An app is the more attractive than a website for this type of information.


Create a platform for young people with a low threshold for sharing experiences about companies universal design.


The research and prototype testing resulted in the app Rulle, where wheelchair users easily can share information about local places.

In the app a user can add available facilities to the companies' pages, they can leave a review about their experience and rate the place based on their impression. The summarized rating gives other users a simple overview of the companies' standards.

If the user discovers new places they want to visit, they can save it to personalised lists. The app also features editorial lists, to make it easier to discover new places nearby.

The app does not provide a map, but provides a clickable address to open other map apps.