The product line is mainly intended for sale in grocery stores, but pharmacies could be a second market.

Unitral should make it easier to live environmentally friendly and still be elegant, but not exclusive. The razor, razor blades and shaving foam container are made of recycled aluminum that can be recycled again after use. Aluminum is a strong and light material that makes the products more user-friendly and elegant.

Unitral is a series of shaving products from the company Mere. The series contains razors, razor blades, shaving foam and aftershaving cream. The series is designed to fill a gap in the razor market: Environmentally friendly and gender-neutral shaving products. Since the product line aims for a bigger targetgroup with a variety of people, the product line is also adapted for those with sensitive skin.


Basic values

A close and smooth shaving experience, that leaves skin soft and fresh.

Category driven values

Products that are built to last longer

Core values

Eco-friendly, unisex, elegant (but not exclusive)

"The one with"-factor

There are many elements on the Unitral packaging that gives it "the one with"-factor:

  • The one with the round arrow in the middle.
  • The one with the simple dotted illustration.
  • The one with the turquoise and cardboard packaging.
  • The one with black and turquoise line.


Aluminum is a material that can be used over and over again, without affecting the quality of the material. According to, 75 percent of all aluminum produced since 1886 is still in use. We save 2.5 kg CO2 per kilo of recycled aluminum. By recycling aluminum, user consumes only 5% of the energy it takes to extract useful aluminum.

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The aftershave cream packaging is made of recyclable bioplastic. This is a "regular" plastic that's made from renewable raw materials, which can be recycled in the same way as you would with other plastic packaging.

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The competitors strongly distinguish between female and male products. Their packaging contains a lot of plastic and is not environmentally friendly, and their designs try to capture the audience by being very colorful and intense.

Differentiation and positioning

What do Unitral have that other products dont: environmentally friendly and gender neutral products.
What make Unitral stand out: by toning down the use of colors and graphic elements, Unitral provides a simple and elegant design. Colors and materials are carefully chosen to create an androgynous packaging with assosiations to environmental conservation.