Brand Identity

The task was to create an identity that would bring awareness to endangered plantlife in Oslo, and make people more involved in preserving wildlife. We had to use information from rødlista, a list that keeps track of endangered animal and plantlife in Norway.

My consept was the newly established organization Curam, that fights for plants role in society. By raising awareness to different species important role in developing medicines, Curam hopes to enlighten the citizens of the importance of preserving nature for future generations.

I wanted the audience to perceive Curam as a credible organization, that speaks through facts and history. The design language is supposed to give associations to medicine companies, because this is a genre people trust with their life. On the other hand I wanted to create a more playful and less sterile profile, that easier would connect with the aduience.

To inform the citizens of Oslo, Curam would advertise with posters on public transport and animated adshels around the city. The adds leads to their website, where the audience can find more information about plant life and its importance in medicine. The website is adapted for both computer and phone.

Curam is active with stands around the city, where they can talk to people directly. Here they hand out empty pill boxes as a symbol of diseases we have yet to cure. Inside the pill boxes there is a hidden note with information about how plants are helping us cure diseases today.

The citizens can also get information from a brochure or by playing Curams card game. The card game is meant to teach younger people about the subject and give them insight into the norwegian list for different endangered  species (rødlista).

Preperations for the game

2 -5 players

60 cards divided in 5 categories

Near Threatened (NT) = 20 cards

Vulnerable (VU) = 16 cards

Endangerd (EN) = 12 cards

Critical endangerd (CR) = 8 cards

Chance card = 14 cards

Each player has seven cards in their hand, and the rest of the cards are laid face down in the middle of the table. Spread them out so you can se all of them. These cards are called "the diversity". Medicine cards are placed in a pile next to "the diversity".

The point of the game

The game is about collecting endangered species in the hope of finding a cure for a potential disease.

The plants shown on the cards are endangered plant species from Oslo. The list below show how many cards from the different endangered groups you need to get a chance / medicine card.

As soon as a player manage to collect enough cards from one category, the player must replace them with a chance card to see if they can create a cure.

The player with the most cures at the end of the game wins.

NT = 5 cards

VU = 4 cards

EN = 3 cards

CR = 2 cards

How to play

Play clockwise around the table, the person who knows most endangered plants begins.

On your turn, you do the following:

  • Ask another player for a category type. You must have one of this type on your hand.
  • The player must give you all their cards within this category. If they have none, draw a card from "the diversity".
  • You can ask for cards again if you didn't have to draw from "the diversity". You can ask any player.
  • Try to create a cure if you have enough cards.